Monday, November 24, 2008

World Discovery Box - A "Toy" for a Lifetime

The natural world, starting with our own backyards, is filled with wonders that encourage and deserve further discovery. A butterfly, an interesting rock, a shell on the beach - these are the treasures that many children love to collect, to study, to ponder. Now there's a product that encourages children to protect and save their treasures. The World Discovery Box is a furniture-quality box of varnished wood with either 18 or 9 drawers. The full-size version is 29" wide, 10.5" tall, and just over 10" deep. The drawers slide in and out easily, and are well sanded and pleasing to touch.

But here is the best part. The World Discovery Box is not just a box - it comes with treasures from around the world to fill your drawers - insects in resin, rocks, shells, and more - a miniature natural history museum for your home or your classroom.

There are so many different ways that you can "play with" or enjoy this product. Think of collecting at least one treasure from every family trip. Play a memory game. Arrange and rearrange your specimens. This is truly a gift for the whole family. It is lovely enough to have a place anywhere in your home. The beauty of the box is striking. I have it stored in a special place in my office, and everyone who walks in asks where they can get one.

That part I can help with. You can purchase the World Discovery Box at PlayFair Toys in Boulder or at At the time of this writing, this is the only retail location that carries this new product. The prices that we currently offer are likely to change substantially after the new year, so there is also an opportunity now to purchase this striking product at a great price.

The story of the World Discovery Box begins in the depths of the Smithsonian Institution, where a young physical anthropologist brings her baby in to work with her. As he grows, he discovers the wonder of the many drawers. As he grows, his parents encourage his exploration of the world, and one day his father decides to build him a case for his treasures. As friends and family see the case, they want their own. Visitors are always drawn to the Discovery Box, wanting to see what is new, to explore its many drawers. And soon the lightbulb goes off, and a product is born. Now this remarkable new product is available for your family as well.